New Poem: At the Library

My poem, ‘At the Library’, is published today on Poetry 24 – a site that features poetry responding to current news stories and events. This piece was prompted by news of the first bookless library, opened in Texas, last month.

At the Library

Note: Prior to the second decade of the 21st Century, information was held in a paper format called books; these were stored in building mainframes known as Libraries. 

Its sleepy silence grounds me; traffic noise
doused in the sweep of a carousel door,
only the brisk clip of shoe leather
on the dull copper burnish of herringbone
parquet; the pattering of typewriter keys;
the rubber stamp’s thunk-thunk and the crisp lick
of a turning page, dog-eared, yellowed
by impatient thumbs and tracing fingers;
and the ghosts of a thousand whispered questions,
wary of disturbing calf-bound reverie,
where the magnetic pull of a paper North,
travels pulp mountains and rivered ink,
stirs the golden dust motes, hung in the morning
window, and my imagination to flight.


Always open to topical poems – here are Poetry24’s submission guidelines.


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