A Short Meditation on Love

Love has nothing to do with relationship status.

Love is a state of being, a willingness to be open to The Other. And The Other is not even a person, not in the beginning.

We learn to love from our very first moment, by being open to everything that is not of ourselves – Colour, Shape, Movement, Words, Toys, Touch, Taste, Laughter, Books, Learning, Music, Nature, Science, Experience, Ideas, Art. We honour love when we have learned to meet the joy of Other, without claim or surrender.

Love is available to us wherever we find joy. And with so many places to find and create joy, we needn’t fret about love, about its absence or its absence in an Other. 

Be curious. Look for and live your own joy, first; revel in it, wriggle with it, straddle it, yodel it, gorge on it till your drunk and full and happy and then, only then, pick yourself an Other, a full, content and joyful Other, to share in Love’s sweet feast.

Featured Image: ‘Still Life with Cherries and Strawberries in China Bowls’ (1608) – Osias Beert


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