3 for Thursday: Dream a Little Bigger

I’m currently on the second week of a 6 week online course taught by the amazing Megan Auman, designer, and creator of Designing an MBA – a business course for creative people, whose skills and goals don’t necessarily fit with traditional business models.

Part of my reason for taking a course with Megan is the fact that the poetry collection is being published this year and wanting to step up my game as ‘proper’ poet; part is about realising a long held ambition to create and deliver my own classes and workshops, drawing on my teaching experience, my training in design (transferring skills from one creative discipline to another) and what I’ve learned –  in writing and life – over the past few years.

Taking the next step, making the dream a little bigger.

The upshot is that I will be a little less active here on the blog, and on social media generally, over the next few weeks  while I dig in, get to grips with the course material, being a beginner again and the struggle of creating something new that is completely outside my comfort zone.

So my 3 for Thursday is inspired by new and wonderful words I recently discovered that describe where my head is at right now and what I want my classes to embody.

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If you’re a writer, poet or creative person who would like to do more to grow your skills, would you please take a minute to consider the questions below and leave your feedback in the comments box? It would be a huge help to me on my course!

  • What is something I can do that you wish you could do?
  • What would you love to see me teach a class on?
  • What is the one thing you wish you could do or would love to learn more about?

And if you’re interested in learning more about the new classes and workshops, when they launch, sign up to the mailing list.

Thank you!


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