Poetry Ireland Introductions Series: 19 & 21 May 2014


I’d like to say a huge thank you to Ayoma Bowe and everyone at Poetry Ireland, The Irish Writers’ Centre and Dublin Writers’ Festival for all their hard work in making this year’s Introductions Series readings such a success. Both Monday and Wednesday’s readings had a great atmosphere and an even better audience – the energy in the room on both nights was very special and a joy to partake in.

Thanks also go out to poets Alan Jude Moore and Theo Dorgan, who put us through our paces at the Introductions Masterclass – helping us to workshop our poems and advising on the reading and presentation of our work.

But most of all, a hearty salute to my fellow Introductions poets – Erin Fornoff, Larry Stapleton, Paul McMahon, Stephen Heffernan, Breda Wall Ryan, Kevin Conroy, Colm Scully & Rachel Coventry, for your support, your encouragement and your wonderful poems.

PS. Kevin – I was so nervous before my turn to read, I didn’t get a photo of you strutting your stuff. D’oh! If you have one from the night, please send it to me and I’ll add it to the rogue’s gallery! a.

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