Is This The Perfect Writer’s Shed?

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”
– Virginia Woolf

Maybe it’s my architectural training and a desire to make sense of a wandering career path by uniting two skill sets, but I’m 100% with Virginia on this one.

I’ve always loved beautifully constructed buildings, simple spaces and the use of natural materials, and I have to confess my heart gave a little skip when I saw this writer’s retreat built at the end of his garden. The clean bright interior, the books, the natural light, the wood-fired stove, a comfy chair, the delicious aroma of cedar shingles.


My architect’s voice says with such a large roof-light, they didn’t need quite as much glass facing the garden – it’s not very private for a work space – less glass means more walls, oodles more bookshelves and books, and I do wonder how any writing is to be done when there is no evidence of a kettle for the very necessary drinking of tea.

But this is mere quibbling.

I daresay it would take me no time at all to turn a space like this into the uproar of the kitchen table, my current writing station – architects’ photos rarely show people, cluttering up their beautiful pristine spaces, or, heaven forfend, actually living in them – but, ah, what messy bliss that would be.

Photos by Wai Hing Ng. More at


What do you think?

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