Well, the clocks have gone forward, there’s a grand stretch in the evening and the Easter Bunny is on its way – hurrah! Spring is here along with National Poetry Writing Month (NaPpWriMo) and the 30-Day Challenge is back with all the inspiration you’ll need to write every day in April 2021.

After a tough winter, we look to Spring as a new beginning, a fresh start taking us into the safer, brighter days ahead. For this challenge, we are embracing the possibility of the future and taking our inspiration from The Fool – April’s prankster, the traditional jester who uses folly to conceal wisdom, and the Everyman hero of the Tarot deck.

Although it has been around since the 15th century, the Tarot is not simply a card game or a fortune-telling device, it is the story of the Fool, a free spirit embarking on a new adventure – the challenges they meet and the qualities they must embrace or discover within themselves to arrive at their destination.

In April’s challenge, we will embrace the hero’s journey and follow the Fool’s path through the Tarot, using the beautifully illustrated Ryder Waite cards as our guide. Join me to explore the rich symbolism of the Tarot and its value as a creative, storytelling and mindfulness tool.

In addition to the usual writing prompts, the new Fool’s Gold 30-Day Challenge will include a couple of surprise activities to help clear our minds, stretch our skills and take our creative selves in new directions.

Whether you’re looking for focus, connection or a creative kick-start, the challenge offers a reprieve from the everyday anxieties – plus the tools to build a daily writing habit.

As before, I’m offering an email only version of the challenge for those who want to avoid social media and the internet right now, and have also introduced a new tiered pricing system.

All the information is on the website – just click the button below for details – and if you have any questions, please drop me a line.

For those of you using this time to send your work out, a new poetry list will be out in a couple of days and there are still plenty of opportunities available in the March Poetry Competitions, Submissions & Opportunities list!

I completely understand that this might not be the right timing for you to take part in a challenge and that’s OK.

Nurture your creative self in any way you can – DO WHAT YOU LOVE – play, read, make art, make something with your hands, knit, sew, mend, grow seeds, bring something new into the world this Spring.

Image by Viva Luna Studios for Unsplash.

What do you think?

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