Poetry Competitions, Submissions & Opportunities – September 2021

The summer is winding down and as we dig out the jumpers and cardis, light the fire and prepare for cosy autumn evenings, AKA writing time, the new poetry list is here with over 120 poetry competitions, writing submissions and opportunities open or with deadlines in September 2021.

A big thank you to everyone who sent kind messages and condolences for Dad’s interment service in Donegal last month – I feel very lucky to be part of such a thoughtful and generous community of writers.

For those of you who have let the writing slide over the summer and are in the back to school mood, there is an all new 30 Day Writing Challenge coming in October – full details of upcoming spooky fun will be announced very soon, so keep an eye out here or jump on board the mailing list for early access.

Whatever you are writing or sending out in September, I wish you the very best of luck. If you appreciate the monthly list and would like to support it, consider making a small donation via the Paypal donation button (right) and/or share the link on your own blog or social media pages. Thank you!

September 2021

Guernica – Poetry, Fiction, Essay, theme: Dirt – closes 1 Sept (submit online)

Mono Poetry Competition – Poetry, theme: Sanity – closes 1 Sept (submit online)

Abridged 0-78 – Poetry, Artwork, theme: Judgement – closes 3 Sept (submit online)

Passengers Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Artwork – closes 3 Sept (submit online)

Stanza Poetry Competition – Poetry, theme: Choice – closes 5 Sept (submit online)

Kithe – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Hybrid, Art – closes 6 Sept (submit online)

Poetry School & Wayne Holloway Scholarships – Poetry – closes 6 Sept (submit online)

Arts Council Literature Agility Award – All genres (Irish, Ireland-based only) – closes 9 Sept (submit online)

Parentheses Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Art & Photography – closes 10 Sept (submit online)

Patrick & Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship – Established Irish poets in their middle years – closes 10 Sept (submit online)

The Bangor Literary Journal Ekphrastic Challenge – Poetry, Flash, Hybrid – closes 10 Sept (submit online)

The Bangor Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 14 Sept (submit online)

Black Warrior Review Contest – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Non-fiction – closes 15 Sept (submit online)

Cave Canem: Toi Derricotte & Cornelius Eady Chapbook Prize – Poetry manuscript (Black Writers only, 25-30 pages max.) – closes 15 Sept (submit online)

Padraic Fallon Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 15 Sept (submit online)

Okay Donkey – Poetry, Flash – closes 15 Sept (submit online)

Visual Verse – Poetry, Flash, Non-Fiction – closes 15 Sept (submit online)

The Moth Nature Writing Prize – Poetry, Prose – closes 15 Sept (submit online)

Allingham Writing Competitions – Poetry, Flash – closes 17 Sept (submit online)

Bealtaine Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Essay, Photography & Art, theme, (Un)belonging – closes 19 Sept (submit online)

Frontier Poetry Award for New Poets – Poetry (no more than one collection published) – closes 19 Sept (submit online)

Hart House Review – Poetry, Fiction, Art – closes 19 Sept (submit online)

Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition – Poetry (in English and English as an Additional Language) – closes 20 Sept (submit online)

Gutter Mag – Poetry, Fiction – closes 24 Sept (submit online)

Troubadour International Poetry Prize – Poetry – closes 27 Sept (submit online)

Corvid Queen – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Hammond House International Literary Prize – Poetry, Fiction, Scriptwriting, Songwriting – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Hedgehog Press: A Slim Volume of One’s Own Pamphlet Competition – Poetry manuscript (20 poems max.) – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Indigo International Wild Nature Poetry Award – Poetry, theme: Wildlife, Natural World, Environment, Cruel Sports – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Kenyon Review – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Essay, Play, themes, Work or Climate – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Manchester Cathedral 600 Poetry Competition – Poetry, theme: Religious/Spiritual & connected to the Cathedral (max. 15 lines) – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Open Door Career Advancement Grants for BIPOC Women Writers – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction (unpublished writers) – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Osmosis Press – Manuscripts, poetry, hybrid genres – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Perhappened – Poetry, Flash, theme: Disguise – opens 9 Sept, closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Rhino Founders’ Prize – Poetry – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Split Lip – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Memoir, Artwork – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

The North Magazine – Poetry – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest – Poetry – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Violet Indigo Blue Etc. – Poetry, Art Criticism – closes 30 Sept (submit online)

Waxwing – Poetry – closes 30 Sept (submit online – may close earlier due to submissions cap)

Skylight47 – Poetry, Artwork – closes 1 Oct (submit online)

The Missouri Review Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction – closes 1 Oct (submit online)

The Honest Ulsterman – Poetry, Prose, Critical Writing – closes 3 Oct (submit online)

The Liminal Review – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction – opens 6 Sept, closes 3 Oct (submit online)


Ó Bhéal Five Words – Poetry – deadline each week, annual prize (submit online)


The Aryamati Poetry Prize – Poetry pamphlets (20-30 pages) – closes 5 Oct (submit online)

The Moth Nature Writing Prize – Poetry, Prose – closes 15 Sept (submit online)

The Prole Pamphlet Competition – Poetry pamphlet (20-40 pages) – closes 17 Oct (submit online)

Fawn Press Anthology – Poetry, theme: Elements: The Natural & Supernatural – closes 31 Oct (submit online)

National Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 31 Oct (submit online)

Acumen – Poetry – open (submit online)

Agenda – Poetry, Essays, Reviews – open (submit online)

Ambit – Poetry, Fiction, Art – open (submit online)

A New Ulster – Poetry, Fiction, Artwork – open (submit online)

Anthropocene – Poetry – open (submit online)

Apartment Poetry – Poetry – open (submit online)

Atrium – Poetry – open (submit online)

Bear Review – Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Artwork – open (submit online)

Bending Genres – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction – open (submit online)

Brittle Star – Poetry, Fiction – open (submit online)

Carve Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction – open (submit online)

Cheat River Review – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Non-Fiction – open (submit online)

Dreich Mag – Poetry – open (submit online)

Driftwood Press – Poetry, Fiction, Literary Criticism – open (submit online)

Dust Poetry – Poetry – open (submit online)

Empty Mirror – Poetry, Non-fiction, Visual Art (committed to diversity & inclusion) – open (submit online)

Fecund Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Essay & more (POC only) – open (submit online)

FIVE:2:ONE – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Artwork by underrepresented writers (POC, LGTBQ, non-binary, neurodivergent, trauma survivors etc.) – open (submit online)

Frontier Poetry – Poetry – open (submit online)

Fruit Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Hybrid (LGBTQI+, with emphasis on unheard voices – POC, trans, working class) – open (submit online)

Guernica – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Photo Essays – open (submit by post)

Hosking Houses Trust Residencies – Women writers over 40 (all genres – must have contract to publish / broadcast / perform) – open (submit online)

Idler – Poetry, Fiction, Essays – open (submit online)

Ink Sweat & Tears – Poetry – open (submit online)

Irish Literary Review – Poetry – open (submit online)

Lighthouse Literary Journal – Poetry & Short Fiction – open (submit online)

LitMag – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Essays – open (submit online)

Lunate – Poetry, Fiction, Flash – open (submit online)

Marble – Poetry – open (submit online)

New Contrast – Poetry, Fiction – open (submit online)

Omelette Literary Magazine – Poetry, Visual Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Creative Non-fiction & more – open (submit online)

One – Poetry, a single poem – open (submit online)

Orbis – Poetry – open (submit by post (UK) or online (overseas only))

PANK – Poetry – open (submit online)

Palette Poetry – Poetry (under-represented and marginalized voices of all colors encouraged to submit) – open (submit online)

Peepal Tree Press – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction manuscripts from Black & Caribbean writers – open (submit online)

Pigeon Pages – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction – open (submit online)

POETRY Magazine – Poetry (submit online)

Poetry Ireland Review – Poetry – open (submit by post)

Poetry London – Poetry – open (submit by post or online)

Poetry Salzburg – Poetry – open (submit by post or online)

Poetry Wales – Poetry – open (submit by post or online)

Porridge Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Art – open (submit online)

PN Review – Poetry, Essays, Reviews – open (submit by post)

Prole – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction – open (submit online)

Riggwelter – Poetry, Short Fiction, Visual Art – open (submit online)

Shakespeare & Co Tumbleweeds Residency – all writers – open (submit online)

Sine Theta Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Art (Sino diaspora only. People of Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, or Macau heritage, who live anywhere away from the original ‘homeland’ of that heritage – rolling deadlines, email to express interest (submit online)

South Bank Poetry – Poetry – open (submit online)

Spry Literary Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Creative Non-fiction, Artwork – open (submit online)

Squawk Back – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Reviews, Plays – open (submit online)

Stand Magazine – Poetry, Fiction – open (submit online)

Stepaway Magazine – Poetry, Flash Fiction, theme: walking in the city – open (submit online)

Tears in the Fence – Poetry – open (submit online)

The American Journal of Poetry – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Aurora Review – Poetry (quick turnaround / feedback) – open (submit online)

The Brooklyn Quarterly – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Translation, Humour – open (submit online)

The Cardiff Review – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Flash (preference given to students and unpublished graduates of Creative Writing, English Literature & Journalism) – open (submit online)

The Compass Magazine – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Curly Mind – Poetry, theme: experimental – open (submit online)

The Dark Horse – Poetry – open (submit by post)

The Ellis Review – Poetry, published weekly – open (submit online)

The Galway Review – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Reviews, Plays – open (submit online)

The Lake – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Lascaux Review – Poetry, Fiction, Essays – open (submit online)

The Lincoln Review – Poetry, Flash, Creative Non-fiction, Essays and more (actively encourages writers, artists, and photographers who come from marginalised and underprivileged backgrounds) – open (submit online)

The London Magazine – Poetry, Non-Fiction, Art – open (submit online)

The Missouri Review – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction – open (submit online)

The Moth – Poetry, Fiction – open (submit online)

The Offing – Poetry, Translation, Art and more – open (submit online)

The Ofi Press Magazine – Poetry & Short Fiction – open (submit online)

The Poetry Village – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Poetry Review – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Sea Letter – Poetry, Fiction, Artwork – open (submit online)

The Seventh Quarry – Short Poetry – open (submit online)

The Southeast Review – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Reviews, Artwork – open (submit online)

The Sun Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Interviews – open (submit online)

The Times Literary Supplement – Poetry (submit by post)

Three Drops From a Cauldron – Poetry, Flash, theme: Myth, Folklore, Fables, Fairytales – on hiatus until 2021 (submit online)

Tinderbox Poetry Journal – Poetry – open (submit online)

Wildness – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction – open (submit online)

Best of luck!

If you have a competition or journal with a deadline in September 2021, and it is not included above, feel free to add the details with a link in the comments section below!

(Illustration by Nicole Ray via Etsy)

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