Poetry Competitions, Submissions & Opportunities – July 2022

The July poetry list is here with 150 poetry competitions, writing submissions and opportunities open or with deadlines between now and the end of the month.

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon in Dublin with temperatures soaring and, as summer is finally underway, I’ve been putting the grey cells to work on a new writing challenge for August. Between the typical holiday preoccupations of sun screen, beach bodies, BBQs and enjoying the outdoors, the ongoing COVID saga, plus dark developments around bodily autonomy and gender in the US and beyond, focusing on the physical for this summer’s challenge seems a no-brainer.

Miracle Machine: 30 Days of Writing the Body is an invitation to consider The Human Body – our physical and cognitive domain, our emotional fiefdom, our gravity-bound space ship – as a place of creative wonder and exploration. I suspect bodily concerns will feature largely in calls for submissions over the coming months and the challenge is a great way to generate new work and give shape to your thoughts and concerns.

Miracle Machine launches this coming week – to bag a spot, take advantage of early-bird prices, AND have the poetry list delivered straight to your inbox each month, jump on the waiting list here.

Whatever you’re up to with your writing this month – drafting, honing, editing or submitting – I wish you every luck and success. If you appreciate the monthly list and would like to support it, please consider making a small donation via the Paypal donation button (right) and/or share this post on your own blog or social media pages. Thank you!

JULY 2022

AUB International Poetry Prize – Poetry – closes 1 July (submit online)

The Barbara Mandingo Kelly Peace Poetry Awards – Poetry, theme: Peace & the Human Spirit – closes 1 July (submit online)

Duck Duck Mongoose – Poetry, Flash – closes 3 July (submit online)

Coverstory Books International Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 4 July (submit online)

Lyrik Kabinett Poet-in-Residence – Poetry – closes 4 July (submit online)

Mslexia Showcase – Poetry, theme: Keys – closes 6 June (submit online)

The Shahidah Janjua Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 8 July (submit online)

McLellan Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 10 July (submit online)

Belfast Pride: Poetry with Pride – Queer Poetry – closes 13 July (submit online)

IWC Cill Rialaig Residencies – IWC Professional Members – closes 13 July (submit online)

The Michael Mullan Charity Fund Writing Competitions – Poetry, Fiction, Flash – closes 14 July (submit online)

Ballybunion Arts Festival Competitions – Poetry (English & Gaeilge), Photography – closes 15 July (submit online)

Black in White Poetry Competition – Poetry, theme: Experiences of Racism – closes 15 July (submit online)

Driftwood Press Adrift Chapbook Series – Poetry manuscript (15-40 pages) – closes 15 July (submit online)

Frosted Fire Single Poem Competition – Poetry, theme: Every Breath – closes 15 July (submit online)

Stephen Spender Prize – Poetry-in-Translation – closes 15 July (submit online)

The Capilano Review – Poetry, Prose, Hybrid, theme: Bad Feelings – closes 15 July (submit online)

Visual Verse – Poetry, Flash, Non-Fiction – closes 15 July (submit online)

Frontier Open Poetry Award – Poetry – closes 17 July (submit online)

Hedgerow Haiku – Haiku, Short Poetry – closes 18 July (submit online)

The Liminal Review – Poetry, Fiction. Non-fiction – closes 20 July (submit online)

The Madrigal Press/The Martello Journal – Poetry, Flash, Art, theme: An Aítiúil/Local – closes 22 July (submit online)

Unapologetic Mag – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Art & more, theme: In Between – closes 22 July (submit online)

Varuna Residential Fellowships – Poetry, Fiction, Narrative Non-fiction, Drama and more – closes 29 July (submit online)

Ambit Competitions – Poetry, Fiction, Art, theme: Magick – closes 31 July (submit online)

Amsterdam Quarterly – Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Art & Photography, theme: City and/or Country – closes 31 July (submit online)

Arc Poetry Magazine – Poetry – closes 31 July (submit online)

Bad Betty Press – Poetry manuscript (10 pages) – closes 31 July (submit online)

Decomp Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Art (submissions encouraged from marginalized voices, such as Queer, Trans* and Two Spirit writers as well as, Black, Indigenous, Writers of Color and those from the Global South) – closes 31 July (submit online)

Defunkt Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Art & Photography, theme: Anatomy – closes 31 July (submit online)

Hastings Book Festival Competitions – Poetry, Fiction – closes 31 July (submit online)

Humana Obscura – Poetry, Flash, Photography, Art – closes 31 July (submit online)

Ironbridge Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 31 July (submit online)

Magma 85: Poems for Schools – Poetry – closes 31 July (submit online)

Monitor Books – Poetry pamphlet (16-36 pages) – closes 31 July (submit online)

Morning Fruit Magazine – Poetry, Flash, Photography & Art – closes 31 July (submit online)

Nine Pens Nine Series Anthologies – Poetry manuscript (9no. poems) – closes 31 July (submit online)

Okay Donkey – Poetry, Flash – closes 31 July (submit online)

Pleiades Special Folio – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Hybrid, theme: Silences of War – closes 31 July (submit online)

Poetry Book Awards – Poetry Collection (indie and small press publishers) – closes 31 July (submit online)

Propel Magazine – Poetry (poets yet to publish a full collection) – closes 31 July (submit online)

Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize – Poetry – closes 31 July (submit online)

SEED Journal – Writers, Artists, Craftspeople, theme: Metamorphosis – closes 31 July (submit online)

Spelt Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 31 Jul (submit online)

Splonk – Prose Poetry, Flash, Micro-Fiction – closes 31 Jul (submit online)

The Haibun Journal – Haibun – closes 31 July (submit online)

The Hopper – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Art, theme: Touch (encourage submissions from BIPOC, people in the LBGTQ+ community, people with disabilities, immigrants, the incarcerated, women, non-binary people, and people of other marginalized groups) – closes 31 Jul (submit online)

The Lumiere Review – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Art ( – closes 31 Jul (submit online)

The Poetry Society Members’ Competition – Poetry, theme, All Our Houses – closes 31 Jul (submit online)

Winchester Poetry Prize – Poetry – closes 31 Jul (submit online)

Drumshanbo Written Word Weekend Poetry Film Competition – Poetry film (max. 6 mins) – closes 1 Aug (submit online)

Halfway Down the Stairs – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, theme: Cities – closes 1 Aug (submit online)

Impossible Archetype – Poetry (LGBTQ+ poets of all genders) – closes 1 Aug (submit online)

Limelight Review – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Creative Non-fiction, theme: Pilot (disabled, neurodivergent & marginalised writers of all genders) – closes 1 Aug (submit online)

Magma Open Poetry Pamphlet Competition – Poetry manuscript (18-20 pages) – closes 1 Aug (submit online)

Mono Poetry Competition – Poetry (LGBTQ+ poets of all genders) – closes 1 Aug (submit online)

IWC Evolution Programme – Published Writers (1-2 books) – closes 3 Aug (submit online)


Ó Bhéal Five Words – Poetry – deadline each week, annual prize (submit online)


Shelley200 Festival Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 5 Aug (submit online)

Poetry Wales – Poetry – closes 8 Aug (submit online)

Waterford Poetry Prize – Poetry – closes 12 Aug (submit online)

Salmon Poetry Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 14 Aug (submit online)

The Emma Press – Poetry pamphlet, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction – opens 18 July – closes 14 Aug (submit online)

Bray Literary Festival Competitions – Poetry, Flash – closes 15 Aug (submit online)

Berlin Lit – Poetry – closes 21 Aug (submit online)

Fool for Poetry International Chapbook Competition – Poetry manuscript (16-25 poems) – closes 31 Aug (submit online)

Gloucestershire Poetry Society Open Poetry Competition – Poetry – closes 31 Aug (submit online)

Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition – Poetry (English & English as a second language (EAL)) – closes 31 Aug (submit online)

The Oxford Poetry Prize – Poetry – closes 31 Aug (submit online)

Acumen – Poetry – open (submit online)

Agenda – Poetry, Essays, Reviews – open (submit online)

Ambit – Poetry, Fiction, Art – open (submit online)

A New Ulster – Poetry, Fiction, Artwork – open (submit online)

Anthropocene – Poetry – open (submit online)

Antipoetry Magazine – Poetry – open (submit online)

Apartment Poetry – Poetry – open (submit online)

Atrium – Poetry – open (submit online)

Bear Review – Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Artwork – open (submit online)

Bending Genres – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction – open (submit online)

Brittle Star – Poetry, Fiction – open (submit online)

Carve Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction – open (submit online)

Cheat River Review – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Non-Fiction – open (submit online)

Crow & Cross Keys – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, theme: Gothic – open (submit online)

Crowstep Journal – Poetry – open (submit online)

Damnation – Poetry, Prose, Flash – open (submit online)

Disabled Tales – Poetry, Fiction, Essay – open (submit online)

Dreich Mag – Poetry – open (submit online)

Driftwood Press – Poetry, Fiction, Literary Criticism – open (submit online)

Dust Poetry – Poetry – open (submit online)

Empty House Press – Poetry, Prose Poetry, Flash, Hybrid  – open (submit online)

Empty Mirror – Poetry, Non-fiction, Visual Art (committed to diversity & inclusion) – open (submit online)

Fecund Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Essay & more (POC only) – open (submit online)

FIVE:2:ONE – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Artwork by underrepresented writers (POC, LGTBQ, non-binary, neurodivergent, trauma survivors etc.) – open (submit online)

Frontier Poetry – Poetry – open (submit online)

Fruit Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Hybrid (LGBTQI+, with emphasis on unheard voices – POC, trans, working class) – open (submit online)

Guernica – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Photo Essays – open (submit by post)

Hosking Houses Trust Residencies – Women writers over 40 (all genres – must have contract to publish / broadcast / perform) – open (submit online)

Idler – Poetry, Fiction, Essays – open (submit online)

Ink Sweat & Tears – Poetry – open (submit online)

Irish Literary Review – Poetry – open (submit online)

Jaden Magazine – Poetry, Non-fiction, Flash, Art & Photography (writers of colour/underrepresented writers) – open (submit online)

Lighthouse Literary Journal – Poetry & Short Fiction – open (submit online)

LitMag – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Essays – open (submit online)

Lunate – Poetry, Fiction, Flash – open (submit online)

New Contrast – Poetry, Fiction – open (submit online)

Neon Magazine – Poetry, Flash, Art and more – open (submit online)

Omelette Literary Magazine – Poetry, Visual Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Creative Non-fiction & more – open (submit online)

One – Poetry, a single poem – open (submit online)

Orbis – Poetry – open (submit by post (UK) or online (overseas only))

PANK – Poetry – open (submit online)

Palette Poetry – Poetry (under-represented and marginalized voices of all colors encouraged to submit) – open (submit online)

Peepal Tree Press – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction manuscripts from Black & Caribbean writers – open (submit online)

Pigeon Pages – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction – open (submit online)

POETRY Magazine – Poetry (submit online)

Poetry Ireland Review – Poetry – open (submit by post)

Poetry London – Poetry – open (submit by post or online)

Poetry Salzburg – Poetry – open (submit by post or online)

Poetry Wales – Poetry – open (submit by post or online)

Porridge Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Art – open (submit online)

PN Review – Poetry, Essays, Reviews – open (submit by post)

Prelude – Poetry – open (submit online)

Prole – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction – open (submit online)

Riggwelter – Poetry, Short Fiction, Visual Art – (submit online)

River Styx – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Drama, Visual Art – open (submit online)

Shakespeare & Co Tumbleweeds Residency – all writers – open (submit online)

Sine Theta Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Art (Sino diaspora only. People of Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, or Macau heritage, who live anywhere away from the original ‘homeland’ of that heritage – rolling deadlines, email to express interest (submit online)

South Bank Poetry – Poetry – open (submit online)

Spry Literary Journal – Poetry, Fiction, Flash, Creative Non-fiction, Artwork – open (submit online)

Squawk Back – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Reviews, Plays – open (submit online)

Stand Magazine – Poetry, Fiction – open (submit online)

Stepaway Magazine – Poetry, Flash Fiction, theme: walking in the city – open (submit online)

Sunday Mornings at the River – Poetry – open (submit online)

Tab Journal – Poetry, Poetics – open (submit online)

Tears in the Fence – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Brooklyn Quarterly – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Translation, Humour – open (submit online)

The Cardiff Review – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Flash (preference given to students and unpublished graduates of Creative Writing, English Literature & Journalism) – open (submit online)

The Compass Magazine – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Curly Mind – Poetry, theme: experimental – open (submit online)

The Dark Horse – Poetry – open (submit by post)

The Ellis Review – Poetry, published weekly – open (submit online)

The Galway Review – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Reviews, Plays – open (submit online)

The Lake – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Lascaux Review – Poetry, Fiction, Essays – open (submit online)

The Lincoln Review – Poetry, Flash, Creative Non-fiction, Essays and more (actively encourages writers, artists, and photographers who come from marginalised and underprivileged backgrounds) – open (submit online)

The London Magazine – Poetry, Non-Fiction, Art – open (submit online)

The Missouri Review – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction – open (submit online)

The Moth – Poetry, Fiction – open (submit online)

The New Yorker – Poetry, Fiction – open (submit online)

The Offing – Poetry, Translation, Art and more – open (submit online)

The Ofi Press Magazine – Poetry & Short Fiction – open (submit online)

The Poetry Village – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Poetry Review – Poetry – open (submit online)

The Sea Letter – Poetry, Fiction, Artwork – open (submit online)

The Selkie – Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Features (marginalised and/or under-represented voices incl. women (or identify as), people of colour, immigrants, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent and more) – open (submit online)

The Seventh Quarry – Short Poetry – open (submit online)

The Southeast Review – Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Reviews, Artwork – open (submit online)

The Sun Magazine – Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Interviews – open (submit online)

The Times Literary Supplement – Poetry (submit by post)

Three Drops From a Cauldron – Poetry, Flash, theme: Myth, Folklore, Fables, Fairytales – on hiatus (submit online)

Tinderbox Poetry Journal – Poetry – open (submit online)

Trasna – Poetry, Fiction, Essays (open to writers across the world who consider Ireland a home in some regard) – open (submit online)

Wildness – Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction – open (submit online)

Best of luck!

If you have a competition or journal with a deadline in JULY 2022, and it is not included above, feel free to add the details with a link in the comments section below!

(Illustration by Nicole Ray via Etsy)

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