3 for Thursday: Writing Tips from Bill & Ted

My teenage sister and her friends trooped in to my parent’s living room one evening, decked out in over-sized army jackets, cropped baggy trousers, shaggy hair and Docs – (shavings, piercings, optional) – and clutching a videotape of a film destined to become a cult classic: ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’.

If you just heard a groan, it was my dodgy hip and galloping lumbago because Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is 25 years old this week – yes, it is a quarter of a century since this seminal celluloid masterpiece (Citizen Who?) was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

For those who don’t know the film (What? How? Why?), the story goes something like this.

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3 For Thursday: Love Love Love

Valentine’s Day is at hand and I feel obliged to give a nod in its direction, say a little something about love.

But many have said it before and said it better. Tomorrow we celebrate the ideal of love, so this 3 for Thursday shares some of my favourite depictions of love in poetry, film and song.

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3 for Thursday: Kristin Hersh

Today, I was reading an interview with musician, Kristin Hersh, of the Throwing Muses, marking the 20th anniversary of her first solo album, ‘Hips and Makers’ and, apart from the shock of realising my day-dream of youth was 20 years ago, it brought back memories of the music I was listening to, at that time.

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