Birthday Poem: You Own It – Alice Fulton

Not the usual 3 for Thursday this week. It’s my birthday, so I’m sharing some literary anniversarial deliciousness from US poet, Alice Fulton, instead and dedicating it to my Lithuanian-Siamese twin: Trevor Fallopius (author, wit & raconteur), Elizabeth Taylor (actress), John Steinbeck (author), Rudolph Steiner (educator), Chelsea Clinton (political spawn), Rembrandt (artist), Marian Anderson (soprano), Joanne Woodward (actress), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (author), Constantin I (emperor), Lawrence Durrell (author), Bill Hunter (actor), Moschino (designer), Timothy Spall (actor), Derren Brown (mesmerist), the mahogany earth-angel that is Peter Andre, and all who share this glorious day of birth.

Mazel tov.

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