New Poem: Right of Reply

Costume Shop Window, Dublin, Team Panti

My poem, ‘Right of Reply’ – an invitation to the journalists and Catholic think-tank at the centre of the Irish homophobia debacle and RTE libel case – is published today on Poetry 24.

Right of Reply

Come on your belly, if your legs can’t carry
the weight of your moral certitude;

set us an example in tolerance,
the noble art of rising above;

instruct us how to love one another,
as you have loved, as He has loved you;

teach us the lessons of physical restraint,
show us the stones in your pocket, unthrown;

Peacemakers, merciful, meek and pure
show us the rewards of righteousness are yours.


Poetry24 features poetry responding to current news stories and events and are always open to receiving topical poetry – here are Poetry24’s submission guidelines.

Photo: Costume Boutique, Castle Market St, Dublin 2 – one of a number of Dublin businesses showing their support for Team Panti.


What it Means to be Free

This isn’t the post I’d intended to write today but this story has consumed Ireland over the past few weeks and it just keeps growing.

3 weeks ago, Irish performer and LGBTQ activist, Rory O’Neill, best known for his drag character, ‘Miss Panti Bliss‘, appeared on a national chat show and talked about Ireland’s changing attitude to homosexuality.

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