Poetry Competitions & Submissions – December 2014

Poetry Competitions & Submissions - February 2016

10 days to the end of December and if you feel you haven’t quite lived up to your potential on the writing front this year, there’s still time to get new work out, before the bells strike for 2015. Here are the poetry competitions and writing submissions on my radar for the rest of the month:

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Sentinel Annual Writing Competitions – Poetry & Short Story – closes 21 December;

Ropes 2015 – NUI Galway’s Annual Literary Anthology – Poetry, Prose, Artwork & Photography – closes 30 December;

Berfrois Poetry Prize  – Inaugural Poetry Competition – closes 31 December;

The Incubator Journal – Poetry, Short & Flash Fiction – closes 31 December;

Guernsey’s International Poetry Competition 2014 – judged by Andrew Motion – closes 31 December;

Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize 2014 – judged by Michael Symmons Roberts – closes 31 December.

And for those of you who want to get a head start on publication in the new year:

The Mississippi Review Prize 2015 – Poetry & Fiction – closes 1 January 2015.

Best of luck!

(Illustration by Nicole Ray via Etsy)


Poetry Competitions: Play by the Rules

Hoisted on my own petard!

Only last week, I was holding forth on the importance of proofreading work carefully, before making submissions or entering into competitions, and, this week, I receive a message from the organisers of one of the competitions I’d entered advising my entry was ineligible because it’s only open to UK residents…

Lesson of the Week: Check the poetry competition / submission rules carefully and abide by them!

If the organisers had simply bundled up my entry and chucked it in the bin, muttering, “Complete numpty”, I certainly wouldn’t have blamed them. Which is why what they actually did blew me away.

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