New Poem: Right of Reply

Costume Shop Window, Dublin, Team Panti

My poem, ‘Right of Reply’ – an invitation to the journalists and Catholic think-tank at the centre of the Irish homophobia debacle and RTE libel case – is published today on Poetry 24.

Right of Reply

Come on your belly, if your legs can’t carry
the weight of your moral certitude;

set us an example in tolerance,
the noble art of rising above;

instruct us how to love one another,
as you have loved, as He has loved you;

teach us the lessons of physical restraint,
show us the stones in your pocket, unthrown;

Peacemakers, merciful, meek and pure
show us the rewards of righteousness are yours.


Poetry24 features poetry responding to current news stories and events and are always open to receiving topical poetry – here are Poetry24’s submission guidelines.

Photo: Costume Boutique, Castle Market St, Dublin 2 – one of a number of Dublin businesses showing their support for Team Panti.